Q & A: What does a lady like to see or hear?

Hmm, what humiliating position
shall I put him in tonight?
frank b asked this;

He would "love to know what things a lady likes to see and hear from the man she spanks. Is there an attitude or position you find more erotic. Do you prefer the spankee to take the punishment silently or do you prefer the moans and cries. Is there a position you find more interesting. In short how do we men make it more tempting."

I've polled a great deal of women who spank men  on this very topic and this is what I've heard from them ...

What do you like to see and hear?

For some reason they really like for their naughty man to protest the spanking as much as he can and to be horrified at the prospect of having to go over her lap like a child and have his pants pulled down and his bare bottom exposed. The more he verbalizes how humiliating he finds it and how unacceptable that is for him, the hotter it is for many ladies. But he has to submit, not because of her brute strength, but because the alternative is something he simply can NOT live with.

In a scenario:
A favorite is the young man (high school senior or college freshman) who has committed some heinous act (drunk driving, peeping tom, stealing her undies) that he couldn't bear his parent's knowing. His only alternative is to follow the lady's every command and take his medicine as she sees fit, no matter how embarrassing it is for him.

In real-life:
For many women it would probably be that if he doesn't submit to a real punishment spanking for some really bad behavior she feels he's committed in their relationship, then he doesn't deserve a play spanking ever again. Since I recommend you never spank a man who hasn't expressed an interest in this past-time we must assume that the gent in question craves play spankings and it would be unthinkable for him to forfeit that out of his unwillingness to pay the price of his actions.

Many of the ladies have reported that they like to hear him protesting and whining and begging her to please stop. And if he get's snotty or rebellious about his spanking, that's a great reason to really light into him, which then makes him whine and beg. After a certain point, some women get aroused by hearing him moan and whimper because he's so turned on by the same very spanking. And even THAT embarrasses him.

Some women like a man to strip totally naked while others like to have the gent keep his shirt on because they like to have his butt framed by the material. It's seems even MORE naked and embarrassing to them somehow. When she tells him to, she really enjoys seeing him arch his back and present his butt high in the air for her, his sweet spot just for the taking. (some men think this means to stand his butt up higher with his legs, but it's really all about the arch as if someone slipped an ice-cube down his spine.)

Sometimes, a surprising amount of the ladies have admitted that like to see him present his butt and also open his legs wide so that he is totally exposed. They enjoy seeing his vulnerability.

Does that answer your question?

I always like to add to my research so,  I ask any of you ladies who are reading this, what do YOU like to see and hear? (I know that many of our readers ladies are a little shy about visiting a site or posting on a blog, so if you gents want to relay what the women who have spanked you have told you about aural and visual preferences ... go right ahead!)


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  1. Hmmm... Funny, nobody ever asked before, what the ladies like to see. Usually all the pics in the net seem to be for the boys. I hardly find anything that makes ME smile.

    I can't help it, but I do like the male anatomy. I am into spanking, but I still like vanilla. Just because he has to be punished I am not less aroused to see him naked, even when I'm angry. As a matter of fact being in the position to spank him makes his nakedness even more erotic.

    Therefore I really love tanlines. A well tanned male hunk, with a pale white ass that turns first pink and then deep red... Very nice.

    Shame is part of the game. To see him ashamed makes me feel stronger and it does turn me on. Therefore I think it is much nicer if he is not totally naked. I like him to keep his shirt on. I command him to drop his pants. Slowly of course, just to please me. It is funny, when the shorts remain around his ankles. Unlike in a sauna or on a nudist beach THIS kind of nudity is not natural and therefore anything else but harmless.

    Sometimes I tell him what is going to happen and ask him to shower first. Of course I supervise the shower and tell him which part has to be washed. Sometimes I watch him when he shaves his private parts. I like it, because it makes him look like the poor little boy he will be after I have finished my spanking. When I am really angry I ask him to jerk off for me - and spank him immediately after, when there is no arousal left. On his side at least.

    I like to see his balls from behind while I spank him. Sometimes I just HAVE to grab and fondle them.

    I have to admit - I like tears. This way I know he got my point and I know I can do whatever I want.

    I like to see his erection - and I like to see it vanish in the process of spanking (he hates it when he is shrinking - all his power is gone, no resistance left).

    Sometimes he must not wear any pants for the rest of the day. Wich allows me to give him a little extra whenever it is needed. Every one or two hours a little reminder just to keep him in the mood.

    1. i'm Very glsd You enjoy spanking and humiliating us a little! Grab his (my!) balls, tap them lightly, and tell me why You have to punish me, why YOU have to take the power May I please lick YOUR crack, rim YOUR beautiful ass????????????????

  2. My spouse enjoys having me walk around naked, or nearly so, whether there's been a spanking or not. Sometimes she just has me wear a short t-shirt and nothing else. She confesses she likes seeing me this way, and will find reasons to make me bend over to clean or pick things up off the floor.

  3. I really enjoy the sight of him in the bedroom corner with his pants at his ankles and his bare bottom on display. I always have him bent over the foot of our bed which tightens his delicious little buns wonderfully and makes for even beter weals from the cane.Afterwards, it is even more arousing for me to see him back in his corner showing the world his cute little red striped bottom cheks.

  4. Thanks for sharing your ideal likes with spanking and thanks for the readers who shared. Some of you men are very lucky boys!

  5. Thanks for sharing. My wife and I like to spank each other. We love kinky sex and enjoy making love in many different ways.

  6. My wife says she likes it when my bare bottom is awaiting a spanking over her knee as she caresses it lovingly
    She also likes seeing my bottom turn from white to red as she slowly spanks it gradually getting harder and harder until I beg her to stop.
    But by far her greatest pleasure is when she picks up the hairbrush and just spanks away hard and fast until I am crying like a baby at the end of it. She says a session like that leaves her orgasmic and she loves me even more for it.

  7. We love spanking for the warmth between us and the love and forgiveness after. There is nothing as beautiful as naked buttocks over my lap anticipating the action. I love knowing I am not a mocho boy.
    Rachel & aj

  8. John (johnx7777@googlemail.com)12/1/08, 7:53 PM

    When my mother used to spank me in my teenage years it was always the humiliation and embarrassment that had the greatest effect on me and my behaviour..(not that the sting of the spanking wasn't effective as well you understand)
    The anticipation of a spanking across her firm lap was always titillating and terrible both at the same time, and standing there with my pants down with a big erection while she lectured me on my wrong doing was just so embarrassing. And then having to place that erection over her lap for a session with her big trusty hairbrush, whippy leather slipper, firm hand, or some other nasty implement she had to hand was even more shameful, and she was quite happy to spank me in public if needed which always had me blushing to my toes with shame... That was all a long time ago but my current Partner carries on the same tradition that my mother set in motion in my youth all those years ago and I certainly think I benefit from it even if I still find it all so embarrassing. please feel free to e-mail me if anyone would like to discuss this topic further.

    1. I wish i could get my wie tgive me a spanking it looks as she is just about ready

  9. Wow, some awesome stuff here! My wife has only given me a few good whacks so I consider myself a spanking virgin, but hoping she gets into it soon...The first remark here by the "first" anonymous: " A little boy stripped to his emotional soul dancing around shamelessly in front of his partner, trying fruitlessly to rub the sting from his hind cheeks while tears and snot cover his other blushing cheeks" That says it all to me, I am so envious of your husband/boyfriend! Do men really want to cry? I guess the tears provide a release, a "trip back" like you say...ah, the mystery...

    1. I totaly agree

  10. As my husband can be very bossy at times I get to enjoy the sense of power and authority when I spank him. After I have toasted his bottom with my hand and slipper while over my lap I have him pull up his pants and then lead him by the ear into our bedroom, i then have him bend over the ottoman while I fetch the cane from the wardrobe. I am the one who lowers his pants while telling him how bad he's been and how much he deserves the caning I am about to give him. I have him spread his legs and point his toes inwards, such a lovely view! I take my time and love watching those weals raise up
    while I run my fingers over them while knowing that he has to stay in position until I tell him I'm finished. I just love watching those cheeks quiver in anticipation of the next stroke. Afterwords we both experience a greater feeling of intimacy and connectivity. It's hard to explain.

    1. I wish iam ur Hus :-P

  11. Hi, you have a very nice blog here. If you like we could exchange links betwen our blogs.

    If you like this, please, let me know!!!

    Best Regards

  12. Hello,

    I can speak from experience from my relationship with my ex-girlfriend. I am 22 and she is a year older than myself and was always the dominant partner.

    She always used to initiate the spankings she would give me and did it in such a way that it made me feel like a helpless 'little boy' as she used to say in her patronising tone. She spanked me on regular occasions but she revelled it doing it on a friday or saturday night because this was when she would be going on her girly nights out.

    On these occasions she would be dressed up sexily by 6pm at the latest as that was the time she wanted me to have 'bathtime'. She would sit watchin me whilst in the bath normally holding a glass of wine and a cigarette. Now she obviously knew i found arousing as she could see everything as i was naked.

    She would normally spend this time telling me how she wanted me to behave that evening whilst she was out with friends. This used to make me feel powerless and humiliated.

    She would then get me out of the bath and take me to the lounge and administer a bare bottomed over the knee spanking. (if she was still smoking, she would hold the cigarette between her lips). She has told me she found it very arousing when I kicked and screamed as it made her feel very strong and powerful. (She always seemed so strong whilst i was over her knee).

    After the spanking, she would have me stand in front of her whilst she put me into a pair of childish pyjamas. This always seemed to truly exert her authority over me and I have to admit, it really turned me on. She would then make me sit at her feet whilst she carried on drinking and smoking. On some occasions, tell me to sit on her knee and when this was the case, blow smoke into my face. She could do this as i am quite skinny and she is more fully figured and could actually bounce me on her knee.

    This would happen most weekends. Has anyone else had similar experiences to this? I would love to hear them.

  13. Dear Miss W,

    I rarely administer play spankings, virtually all the spankings I dish out are for punishment reasons.I have had numerous relationships over the years and I must be the dominant partner. Now of course not every man I been with has submitted to me but those that have have all ended up over my knee for a sound bare bottom spanking.The severity of a spanking can vary from partner to partner ,but I don't give "paddywhacks".Any man who has ended up over my lap has felt the pain and shame of realistic discipline.To me I love to hear true regret in a little boy's voice as I am lowering his trousers and guiding him over my lap.Many just mumble the proverbial "PLEASE MAAM, PLEASE PLEASE MAAM" as I balance them over my knee and slowly peel down their last shred of dignity and defense.Although I have not always succeded, I love to hear the true sobbing and see the real tears of a little boy that has just experienced a step back in time as his bottom is turned an angry crimson red by my dreaded wooden paddle.A properly administered over the knee bare bottom spanking should always produce the thrilling sights and sounds any true spanker craves.A little boy stripped to his emotional soul dancing around shamelessly in front of his partner, trying fruitlessly to rub the sting from his hind cheeks while tears and snot cover his other blushing cheeks.Thank you for letting me share my thoughts with your readers,All The Best

    1. any ideas of how I can get my wife to do this to me??? Any help would be great!

  14. Dear Monica,

    When my girlfriend decides to spank me she uses a tone of voice that almost paralyzes me. She doesn't shout or yell. It's a low, intense, deliberate tone that lets me know what's coming. She continues to scold me like that and I sink deeper into submission. My legs start to tremble. I can't help it: I can't stop it. If I try, it just gets worse. She likes to see that happen. It makes her powerful. She can lead me to the bedroom by the ear and my legs really start to shake. She sits and orders me to her side. I can barely move, but I do. When she takes my pants down, my legs are really shaking and I am whimpering and beggimg. She giggles and tells me not to act like such a baby. A couple of times my knees buckled and I sank to the floor. She ordered me up and told me to stop playing around, as if I were. The tone of her voice can make me helpless.

    She lowers me over her thighs and continues to scold. I won't describe the spanking, I've done that before. But she likes it when I kick my legs and scream during the spanking. She gets a strong hold on the back of my neck with her hand and I can't break it. She flails away at my butt, continually scolding me. The more I beg and squeal and promise whatever she wants, the more she relishes it. Sometimes I'm kicking my legs wildly and screaming for her to stop and I can't break her hold or get off her lap. I am under her control until she is finished with me. She loves my apologies and promising to obey her at all times and kissing her feet on my knees after it's over. She sends me to the corner with tears running down my face and my legs still shaking.

    She loves it when I cry like a little boy and sob and sob and I can't stop.

    I know that's what she likes and she always gets what she likes.


  15. Ms Wilder,

    I've read the previous posts. The first one interests me most. She says she enjoys a man naked. Most experts tell us that women don't find male nudity sexy. Probably right. All nude magazines are girlie magazines, except Playgirl, which is read mostly by homosexuals.

    There are exceptions. The second last woman above is one of them. My girlfriend is another. After a sound sopanking and corner time, she sometimes makes me go naked for the rest of the day. Sometimes I'm allowed to keep my tee shirt on. She has me do chores like dusting, vacuuming and mopping while I'm in the nude. She enjoys that. It makes me feel her superiority and power.
    How many other women enjoy seeing their man naked?


    1. love seeing my man totally nude

  16. Dear Monica. I have a thrill for treating my husband like an errant teenager. I take him by the ear and lead him to his spanking chair. I take his pants down myself and scold him how a big boy like him should have to be spanked to make him behave. When his pants are down to the backs of his knees I lower him over my lap so his feet don't touch the floor. I use a wood paddle on him similar to a spencer paddle and spank his bottom till he is bright red and his tears are flowing. He always kicks his legs vigorously but doesn't dare leave my lap. Donna

  17. Ms Wilder,

    I have another question for your bloggers. For the women: What's the most humiliating discipline you have ever administered to a man?

    For the men: What's the most humiliating discipline a woman has ever administered to you?

    I think the responses would be very interesting.

    1. By far the most humiliating experience was having my wife tell her sister that she was going to spank me! Then she took a brush from her purse and asked her sister to excuse us. She led me to a bedroom where she took my pants down spanked me to tears and then made me apologize to her sister for being rude! Her sister said "very interesting"!

    2. So humiliating, i can hardly mention it. One evening, my girlfriend brought a man home with her. They flirted, and she got him something to eat. She called me into the living room, and this man took hold of me, yanked my pants and underwear down, and made me kneel over the sofa. My girlfriend gave him my thick paddle. He held me there and paddled me hard and long. As he paddled me, i couldn't even move; i could only groan and cry out. After a very long paddling of probably 150-200 hard swats, and my butt was on fire, she gave him the razor strap. I got another 50 with the strap. Then he opened his own pants, slightly lowered them and his underwear, sat down on the sofa and pulled me between his legs. This strong man forced me to fellate him as he made out with my girlfriend, and he forced me to swallow. My girlfriend continued to kiss him, and when he got up, he pulled me up and slugged me in the gut. I doubled over, and he just pushed me down. My girlfriend told him to come back again in a few days. They repeated the process, until she left to live with him. Even worse, when he came over, she required me to open the door and always address him as sir.

    3. the most humiliating 'discipline' i have ever had was with an ex gf who would straddle me during sex and 'try' to ride my c*ck but would then repeatedly ask me 'is it in yet' or say 'i can't feel anything, it's just too small' before getting her rabbit out and using that instead, and chucking me out of bed and ordering me to get out, saying she was dumping me. She did this most weeks to control me. i had made the 'mistake' early in our relationship of telling her how i thought girls should treat guys... 'keep them keen... treat them mean' ... and she loved it. the other thing she did was humiliate me publicly by calling me by her pet name for me in front of her friends.. she called me 'little dick'

  18. I love you Miss Wilder. Marry me. The description in this segment is the bomb. You are everything I could ask for in a spanker. You think like I do. You just described me to a tee except the age. But I do a very convincing naughty boy I have been told.

    I wish you could teach this to my fiancee. I just ordered your books, so maybe she'll learn a thing or too from the expert!


  19. Ms W, never sure if you got my feedback on your wonderful books, but thought I would comment on this.... my wife loves it when she gets a caning *just* right and she can see all the individual welts rise up.
    Thanks again for all your help.
    Caned Hunny

  20. Hello Miss Monica
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and may your ladies all have a well arched, and naughty bottom to spank, spank and spank!!!!

    As far as answering your post I would say she likes to SEE me on the bed, bottom bare, on my knees and elbows, head way down on the mattress. She enjoys the complete view of cheeks, crack, anus, cock, and balls. During the spanking she likes to HEAR the smack of the hairbrush, the crack of the strap, and the pleading, promising, crying, and screaming of me. After the spanking she likes to see the top of my head as I do her orally to THANK her for my punishment.

  21. Dear Monica Wilder,

    I have read every post and bought both the books, and wanted to thank you for providing a place people can actually have a civilized discussion about this lifestyle. I love that you this blog isn't all fantasy, or online sex talk, but an actual "out of scene" discussion.

    I've just revealed my "problem" to my wife of 16 years mostly thanks to your books. She's been very agreeable to "helping" me (ouch) and I'm so glad there's a place she and I to visit and read/contribute in some meaningful way

    Thank you again, you've saved our marriage!

    William (and Dorine)

  22. Strict Wife8/28/11, 2:40 AM

    Hi Monica,
    First, thanks for asking! Hmm .. What do I like to see? Here are a few of my favorite things.... I love to look at his bare bottom quivering in unpleasant anticipation, I love to watch him walk to the spanking room with his pants down around his ankles and his cheeks a bright red from his preliminary cracks in the kitchen, I like to see him face down on the bed with his ass elevated by pillows and waiting for the strap, I love to watch him writhe in pain as the wide strap works its magic on his ass cheeks and the narrow strap punishes his crack. I like to hear him pleading, apologizing, moaning, and crying. I like to see the thermometer sticking up between his spanked cheeks and I love to hear the moans as I slowly insert and then with draw the instrument form his rectum. I like to see the bulb syringe inserted in his behind, and I love to hear the gasp as I squeeze its' contents into him.

    I love to see him punished by the spanking daddy that I brought him to. He needed some serious discipline recently (excessive use of alcohol) and as I promised him he went to get spanked by a man! I just sat with my arms folded and watched him get the licking of his life. Now there was no hint of any erection or enjoyment of any kind. He stood with his pants down and instead of the hard dick that he has when I spank him, he had a tiny little wee wee hanging there. He got it OTK hand spanking to start and then he went over the edge of spank daddy's sofa for a very hard strapping. Three trips to the spanking daddy a and my very bad boy has returned to responsible drinking habits!

    1. Me too. I eke him shaved and in panties. In the house he's allowed only a t shirt and panties. I usually have him across a table for a spanking. I love to see him squirm under the hairbrush. I insert an enema hose during the spanking bi like seeing him squirm when I insert it and remove it. When the spanking is finished he stands in a corner with panties at his thighs and enema hose hanging from his rear. If it starts to come out I make him push it back in. It's a turn on for me

  23. veryredbottom8/28/11, 2:42 AM

    I just got my first bare bottom over the knee spanking from my fiancee yesterday. I´m THE most lucky guy alive.

    I loved it. I LOVED IT ! ! I L-O-V-E-D IT ! !

    Thanks to you Ms. Wilder, ´cause i "forgot" to turn off my PC, after a long visit to thos blog.


  24. Boy, thanks a LOT. :( After reading this blog post and all the comments my wife just gave me the spanking of my LIFE. And what's worse, she spread my legs wide and exposed me and it was VERY embarrassing.

    She even spread my cheeks, which I would never have thought she would havedone in a million years. I could even feel cool air on my hole back there. Then, I was so humiliated, I heard her struggling to put on latex gloves before she lubed the brush handle upand put it in my hole and made me hold it that way for fifteen minutes!!! Which dosn't sound long but ... try keeping one of this in you for fifteen minites. Any time it slipped out she'd grab it and spank the daylights out of me.

    This went on for abot half hour or more and I couldn't sit the next day. I have no idea what's instore for me in the future. This is so not her.

    Be careful what you wish for!! :)

    Full Bottom

  25. Dontyoudarexme8/28/11, 3:05 AM

    Dear Mrs. Wilder, Thank you so much for this blog and your books. My husband got them for me and for the first time I really understand this part of him. I tried some of the things in the book and now I actually have my own style of spanking him.

    One of the things I am dying to try is spanking him in public. I don't know how we could do this without getting arrested - so you know anything about that?

    I'd really like to have his pants down and his bottom exposed but don't know if that's indecint exposure.

    Has anyone ever done this? Are there guideliens!

    Look forward to reading your suggestions.

    Thank you again,

    MaryEllen B.

  26. Hmmm ... you know, Maryellen, I don't know what the legal ramifications of spanking your husband bare-bottom in a public place. Do we have any attorneys in the house?

    Well, certainly you would steer clear of any place where a child might see it - that is just not acceptable.

    I do know of one couple where the wife not only would spank her husband BB in public, she would bend him over their car in the parking lot of a busy nite club, but she would also strap him on (wear a strap-on dildo and insert it into his bottom) - which is another amusement entirely. Apparently, they would make sure it was a very secluded part of the lot and never seemed to attract unwanted attention, as far as Iknow. (No night's in the clinker!)

    Until you find out about this, there are spanking clubs and conventions you could research where such things would be encouraged (not sure about the strap-on, though).

    Anybody have any thoughts on this?


  27. There are some elements that are never missing from my punishment spankings so they must be dear to my wife, Lisa:

    I must get the hairbrush. A dreaded act of submission!

    I am required to take my pants down for her. It is extra humiliating as I assist in arranging for my own chastening experience.

    I get scolded for my misbehavior throughout the spanking. I feel like a naughty boy over Mom's knee.

    When the spanking is finished, either I am relegated to the corner for at least 30 minutes or if new rules or a reminder is necessary, I am sent into the bedroom where I strip and get up on the bed on all fours. My head is down and I am positioned on knees and elbows. Lisa then sits down in a chair behind me and inserts her middle finger all the way up my ass. EVERYTHING is on display for her. And her words are thus made all the more memorable. I receive my instructions for improved behavior and acknowledge each of them with a very humble "Yes, Ma'am." By this point, my male ego is devastated. I am good to go as an obedient hubby for a good while afterward, as you can imagine.

    Thank you for this wonderful blog, Miss Monica!

  28. I don't know what my wife likes. Wish I did. I thoroughly enjoy her spankings and would love to know if she likes anything about it or if she is just doing it to please me.

    She is not very forthcoming in her feelings about sex. The most she has ever said about spanking me is that she is comfortable with it.

    Just that is a lot to be grateful for but I hope for future confessions from her if there are any. Hopefully there will be.

  29. When my wife recently got mad at me, she said, enough, "you need a spanking". Wow, it hurt. Ever since just about every other week I am over her knees for a bare butt hnad and then hairbrush spanking usually to the point where the tears stream.

    1. Wow, I bet she fixes you.

  30. I wish I knew what my wife would enjoy seeing and hearing when she spanks me. The ones I get from her are she knows I enjoy it. I suppose I'm lucky that she likes to please me that way. Our spanking sessions are always as a prelude to sex, so I return the favor by pleasing her orally or otherwise.

    I love being over her knee, pants down. She is sort of shy about role playing, but I do get a little scolding from her sometimes and I love that. I wish she would spank me harder, but she isn't comfortable using more than her hand.

    All in all, I count my blessings for the times she puts me over her knee.

  31. Married 27 years and our secret is my husband likes me to spank him! At first I thought it was strange, but soon discovered I liked doing it. In answer the question - I like to be in control! Him over my knees (split knee is my favorite), naked and helpless! I love it when he's yelping and singing his song, struggling to get away. I love turning his butt bright red and every now and than making him cry. It's like spanking a little boy, but only bigger and stronger! My husband tells be it's the greatest stress relief that there is for him. For it's just fun. He wants it, I do it! I've learned to give him real spankings and that's the most fun for both of us. Did I ever think I'd enjoy this... No! But now I've learned how much fun we can have with it, I am totally hooked as is my husband!

    1. You seem like you know how to treet a man. Im hoping my wife starts and enjoys spanking me. I hope she can find it fun

  32. So how do I get my wife to do this to me? :-(

  33. My wife has never told me exactly what she likes, but I know she loves it when I find it hard to sit down for a couple of days afterwards. Sometimes she texts me the next day to check I'm having problems sitting - if not, she repeats the spanking that night (but I never lie!).

  34. I'll entertain any offers for spankings from women in the Boston area! And I'm confident we can come up with plenty of things that will please both of us!

  35. My wife likes to hear me complain at first then start to whimper and cry. She uses a Spencer Paddle to cover both ass cheeks and has me restrained spread eagle on the bed face down. I am usually gagged with some panties (hers or mine) from the hamper help in place with some duct tape. She is only satisfied when I learn to control myself and stop making noise and just take it quietly. She scolds me the entire time and tells me what she expects. It takes me about 5 minutes to get to the silent but obedient state of mind. She never stops with the Spencer Paddle. When she is satisfied she stops, releases me, I kneel and hug her leg and kiss her ass and then she send me to the corner on my knees for an hour. I would not have it any other way.

  36. Dear Miss W,

    Some intersting posts. In regard to public humiliation by Mary Ellen, I would only play in places that were safe and consensual for all concerned. Remember that spanking is a form of humiliation for him and power for you.

    Over 35 years ago when I was first married to my husband we were quite vanilla at first as he was far less experienced than I. He seemed to enjoyed it when I took control and did little things to humiliate him a bit. He was shy but I would ask him to do a strip tease for me please, please, please, or ask him to touch himself to see how hard he can get himself or how long he could keep himself hard for me without touching. Or I would simply get him to stay naked for me when we were at home alone, even if I was dressed.

    So for fun one night I got him a bit tipsy and "played barber" by shaving off his man bush. He complained but he couldn't do much about it at the time as he was somewhat tied up at the time. *GIGGLE* He was mad, but I made it worth his while. When it began to grow back it itched like hell for him but so long as there was stubble I would simply back off and say Yuck! if he came near me. Nothing until he was smooth again. So he relented and began letting me shave him 2 or 3 times a week. Later he took over the chore in the shower and after 6 months his skin adjusted to it and it just became routine.

    Then we went away to a small resort island in the Caribbean where there was only 30 rooms. We were up before dawn to see the sunrise on one of the 7 beaches they had and we were alone and it was secluded behind a grove of palm trees. He dared me to go topless which I did but then I upped the ante and dared him to go skinny-dipping which he did. He was a competitive swimmer and had a great body and I loved to look at that cute white butt any chance I can get.


  37. When he got back to the towels he saw that I had taken his swim suit and hid it. He was feeling brave so he just plopped down on his beach towel and stretched out naked while I read my book. After all we were alone. He must have been tired from his swim because in a few minutes he was asleep.

    About 10 minutes later I see two women walking down the beach toward us. At first I was going to wake my husband and give him back his swim suit, but then I thought I might have some fun. The two ladies, sisters who we met at dinner the night before, stopped when they saw us from a distance but I waved at them to come over. They could see that I was topless and that my husband was nude so it was up to them. They came over to check things out no doubt so essentailly I had their consent.

    I put my fingers to my lips and then my hands on the side of my face to let them know to be quiet as he was sleeping so he never stirred. The ladies came over and we chatted softly, but all the while I could see their eyes darting over to check out my husband. I truly enjoyed showing him off and they seemed to enjoy the show too.

    One of the ladies said that she had never been to a nude beach and was not sure if it was rude to join us. I told her to do what she felt was comfortable, that neither of us would have a problem with however anyone was dressed. Before she could remove her top my husband woke up and heard us ladies talking and was mortified., He turned beet red. I had all I could do from burstin gout in laughter.

    He stammered a bit and reached for his suit, but it was in my beach bag so he was stuck. The ladies apologized but I said oh nonsense. It was a nude beach after all. When my husband asked for his suit I simply said no need to bother as all of us has already seen everything there was to see and at that the ladies giggle. OMG he was so humiliated, but when I flashe dhim a huge smile he knew it was turning me on so he stopped resisting.

    After a bit he relaxed and within 15 minutes he stopped squirmming about it and even got up and took another swim. The two ladies joined him and one even removed her suit much to his delight. She was quite shapely and had a huge bright red bush which matched her hair. When they got back to the towels one of the ladies mentioned that it was unusual to see a man with shaved "naughty-bits". That was when my husband realized just how naked he was and he got all red again. I simply said oh, I prefer him that way adn smooth is so much nicer to touch. I still tease him about that even to this day.

    When it was time to go back for breakfast, I just got up and began walking back up the beach toward out cottage. My husband asked for his suit but I said why bother. Nobody was about and kept walking. He just stood there as I walked away but then I heard "red" say "Oh My. Was that a dare?" Her sister giggled and said why don't you join him too? They all giggled and the two decided to walk back nude. When we got to the cottage the ladies rinsed off in our outdoor shower and then put on their suits to walk back the rest of the way to the other side of the resort where their cottage was. When my husband came in after showering I was already shpowered, dripping wet and naked waiting for him. Before he could say anything I told him how turned on he made me and demanded him to satisfy me right there and then.

    Like most men he did not really like giving me oral satisfaction but this time he dove right in, Later he said that it was one of the most powerful orgasms he had seen me have all year and it was. When I was done he tried to continue, but I stopped him and told him that I wanted him to wait, to save his energy for tonight. That I wanted him to be horny as hell for me all day long. He was puzzled but he complied. That was when I knew that I was in charge.


  38. His patience was rewarded that night ... more than once! Hey we were still young then. But during that night I told him how much it turned me on to put him on the spot like that and I got him to agree to trust me and do whatever I asked him to do sexually or otherwise. Amazing what a man will agree to when you have his "naughty-bits" in tha palm of your hand!

    The next day I told him to leave his suit in the room and just wear a towel. That I wanted him to lose his tan lines. He bagan to whine and resistes so i walked over to him and kissed him long and slow and then swatted his bare behind. Hard. Just once but it was enough. It was the first time he associated a swat with pleasure. So off we went to our little area. Nobody really saw us except the two sisters who joined us a few more times that week. By the end of the week my husband was totally comfortable being nude in front of them and it gave me a thrill to see them check him out.

    My husband is still a smoothie and still in pretty good shape for his age. I still like to see his bare butt and make him sleep nude in the summer and encourage him to stay nude after his shower, even if I have to steal his clothes. His spankings are purely for pleasure and fun though they get quite hard and stingy and he knows that I expect him on his knees between my legs for at least 30 minutes or more afterwards. He is adivine lover. He used to complain about my bush and has asked me to shave for him but when he does I just give him 30 more whacks with a ping pong paddle, bentover holding his ankles. I also tell him that he will have to stay horny for me and wait until the next day ... (or two *he-he*) for his pleasure.

    He knows that I love keeping him horny and eager for me adn still get to humiliate him from time to time in front of others. I have been to a few of his medical exams. The doctors never seem to mind but the nurses sometimes look at me a bit sideways. I just say that I want him completely checked for skin cancer as it runs in his family and they make him get complete undressed. They have a chart of every spot, freckle and mole on his body.

    And once when our neighbor was over to pick up some items for the school fair, he was coming in from the backyard pool wrapped in a just a towel and running for the bedroom. I yelled at him for drippingon the carpet and he said something bratty like "Hush Woman" so I reached over to swat him but grabbed the towel as well. Woosh it was gone and so was he, but not before Georgia got an eyeful of his tan butt cheeks. *LOL* She shreiked with laghter at the sight of him hightailling it down the hall. She looked at me and noted that he had no tan lines and I just rolled my eyes with a big grin. That was a bit of gossip that got around real fast. *LOL*

    After all these years, we still have fun, and we still love each other. Though I never thought about asking him about mastrubating or asking him to stop if he did. Come to think of it I have never seen him do it to himself as I have always taken care of that for him. .... I wonder ...

    Have fun loving and playing,
    Dierdre M.

  39. I only got one real spanking from an ex girlfriend. I had made her real mad and she hauled me across her knee without warning and gave me about a dozen or so good swats with her hand on my clothed butt. It was all so sudden and a bit of a shock to the system so I had no sexual feelings while it was happening but ever since it makes me horny thinking about it. I wish she had done it more than once :(

  40. This is my second marriage. Early in my first marriage when I was very young my wife's mom spanked me, my wife thought I was ridiculous for letting her mom treat me like a little boy. Shortly after getting married the second time I told my new wife who said she loved the idea of putting me over her knee. She has a ritual which starts and ends with bare bottom corner time and always with me too sore to sit for a day or two, she says she loves to see me jump from one foot to the other after the spanking

  41. She makes him strip naked then spanks him in a wheelbarrow position.

  42. First, I gotta find a woman who will play these types of wifely games with me. So far, no woman seems interested. Drat. deananderson@tx.rr.com

  43. My wife had me over her knee on my 60th Birthday and of course I was stark naked as she gave me my birthday spanks with her hand. As she gave me the last one I thanked her for my B/D spanking and was about to ease myself off her lap.
    "Not yet darling there's something else I want to do this time." She giggled.
    So I asked her what and she said I'd soon find out.
    She moved me forward a bit so I was over just one of her knees, then she put her other leg over the back of my two legs, then she asked for my arm that was the farest away from her body and pulled it up my back.
    "Now you just stay there nice and quiet while I rub some oil into your bottom darling." She said sweetly, and procceeded to do so covering every inch of my naked bottom and massageing it in.
    After a while she stopped what she was doing and asked me if Ihad enjoyed it which of course I had as she could tell quite easily by my penis which had grown big and stiff and pressing against her thigh. So after me saying yes, she then asked was I able to roll about and try getting up, I tried and was a bit suprised that I was held very firmly in place.
    At my no I couldn't she gave a big hearty laugh.
    "That's great dear, because now I'm going to do something I've been dying to do for a few years now, you've had your birthday spanking as you know, and how much you enjoyed it, but now it's all about ME and what I want, and that is a very long and hard hairbrush spanking done nice and slow so that you feel every single spank and even when the tears start flowing I'm going to keep on going with the brush until you are all sobbing and snotty-nosed and very very sore, and one thing more, it's not that you have done anything to deserve it, it's just because I CAN." She laughed wickedly, and you better believe it she did just that.

  44. My wife enjoys shopping for sex toys and letting the clerks know who is in charge the entire time. As we walk in and the clerks ask if they can help us, her standard reply is " I'm looking for a new paddle to spank my husband with." As we look around the conversation often will be about how she's looking for something large and effective to bring me to tears. Often we look for restraints and she'll tell the clerk that I have a bad habit of trying to get away once I start to cry. I love every minute of this humiliation! My favorite part is when she ask my opinion about how much I think a particular paddle or whip will feel/hurt. She then has me pay for the toys and thank the clerk for their help. We often return the next day for more shopping and my wife will have me give a report on just how effective the last purchase was!

  45. I like to see him in panties and totally shaved. I have him in panties long before his spanking bi enjoy spreading his legs and bending him across a table with his arms tied to it. Watching his rear turn red is exciting but I really enjoy watching him squirm while getting spanked

    1. Sounds good. Do you ever let somebody watch?

    2. Yes. A widowed neighbor get to watch sometimes

  46. Agreed. Shaved and in panties is what I enjoy. I Like his legs spread so I can see his balls hanging and I can't spank the insides of his thighs. When we finish I put a small dildo in him which he must hold in for 15 minutes. I told him if it comes out, he will get a spanking with one of my girlfriends present. I enjoy watching him squeeze his cheeks to desperately hold it in. Although we've come close he hasn't dropped it yet. I hope it comes out soon

  47. I like to make him put on a skirt and sweater. That gets me started. It's fun to have him over a chair and flip his skirt up. I'm usually getting wet before I begin. I like the sound of the hairbrush on his hiney and watching it get red and redder. On the few times I got him to cry it was exciting

    1. I agree. The sound of the spanking turns me on. I have not tried the skirt but I will. Has anyone other than you seen him in skirts?


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