IDEA: The Ladies Hairbrush Day Experiment!

I just had this idea while traveling on the train. I always wonder how many men on the train would respond if I spoke up and said "Who wants a spanking?" (I imagine 5 - 6 men raising their hand per car!)

So, I got this idea and thought I would invite all the spanking ladies here to join me. As a social experiment, sometime this week, when you know you will be in a public space for awhile (subway, train, waiting room, mall, etc ...) toss a spanking hairbrush in your purse. You know, a substantial wooden one with a flat back.

Then, while you are seated, casually take the hairbrush out, give your hair a few swipes with it and then ... leave it in your hand, almost as if you forgot it was there. Just sit there with the hairbrush in your hand, resting on your lap.

Then ... look around. What men are staring at the hairbrush, if any at all?

My hunch is that a non-spanko guy won't even notice it, it's perfectly normal for a woman to have a hairbrush in a public place. BUT, I would think that one who is in need of a good old-fashioned hairbrushing will be riveted to it.

Am I right, fellas?

AND, if you find one staring, then look directly at him, knowingly and sternly, and start tapping the hairbrush on your lap. See what happens! Report back!

What do you think? Who will try this with me?

Monica Wilder

MORALS: Is spanking your man naughty or ... nice?

As you all know, I am fairly open-minded when it comes to sex. I think sex is a wonderful perk that comes with being alive and that most of the things that turn us on are pretty mysterious and fascinating. Aside from the gruesome and those involving non-consent, I am very understanding, even if it's something that doesn't strike my fancy.

That said, I still have times where I think ... "Am I a bad person for thinking like this?" or, most likely, "Am I a bad woman for thinking like this?" In the lovely "madonna/whore" society I grew up in, nice girls don't go around spanking men and putting things in their butts (hmmm ... there's an idea.) I even have trouble dating more than one man at a time. Some swinger, huh?

But the truth is, it does bother me at times. Mostly when I'm in the company of a man who I suspect would think I was not such a nice girl for loving what I love to do. When I feel the "morality police" breathing down my neck, I must admit it's hard not to wonder.

But then I imagine the alternative.


That's when I am reminded why I think the way I do and how much more fun life and sex is because it's in my life. ESPECIALLY as time goes on. I can't imagine how vanilla couples stay interested in the old "in and out" after decades of it. It boggles my mind.

I just spent the week with a very dear vanilla couple who has no idea of my intimate predelictions and I have to tell ya ... it was a real snooze. Even when the gal and I had our obligatory "girl talk" it was sooo vanilla. Then, once at the table when we were hanging out doing a crossword puzzle, her hubby yelled out, "Well, you could SPANK me." And she just laughed, in that way that non-spankos do when the subject comes up and went on chatting. I wonder how serious he was, though.

I know that you guys wrestle with the "morality" of it all when it comes to approaching a vanilla mate, but do you ever feel that way even withIN a spanking relationship? Like, "Oh, we are sooo bad?"

OR, do you have judgements about a woman who loves spanking you? Oh, I know you LOVE it, but do you think just a little bit less of her because she's not a "nice" girl?

And Ladies, do you ever have such thoughts about yourself?

As always, I am curious to know what you all think and feel about this. What's your take on it?

The ever curious,

Monica Wilder