Spanking the Male Mind

Spanking the Male Mind
The Smart Woman's Guide to Understanding Her Man

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Over the past few years I have had countless requests to write a book from my unique perspective that a man could give to the woman in his life that would thoughtfully explain his need to her in a fun, down-to-earth way that's human, literate and sane ... and so I wrote, Spanking the Male Mind as a prelude to How to Spank Your Man.

Many of us women like to know a bit about a topic before we dive right into it ... especially if it's one that we are brand new to.  Spanking the Male Mind is a mainstream-style e-book is 75 pages of fascinating text and heartfelt testimonials that focuses on the psychological aspects of this desire. Since much of what's out there on this subject is written in the extreme, it can paint a distorted picture of what most men are hoping to introduce to the woman in their life. That's why I felt this book was important, in that the language I use in it is geared to the average loving relationship. 

Topics include:
  • Top Ten Spanking Benefits
  • Spanking Lifestyle Choices
  • What’s in it for me?
  • Oh so Trendy
  • What spanking is not!
  • BDSM vs. Discipline
  • What is he thinking?
  • Gender Wiring

Plus, the last chapter is filled with actual testimonials from couples who have been incorporating spanking into their lifestyle and love it.

Unlike many of the f/m spanking books on the market, this one stays away from the kinkier aspects and focuses on fun spanking as part of a loving relationship. Entertaining and enlightening,
 Spanking the Male Mind has all it takes to seduce a your woman into giving it a go! (Then, lucky you, it’s time to buy a pillow and gift her with my illustrated hands-on guidebook, How To Spank Your Man!)

AND, even if you don't have a significant other to give it to t this time in your life, both female and male readers have bought it and reported they find it fascinating and provocative, revealing the psychological and erotic underpinnings of this desire. And helped them to understand themselves!

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Monica Wilder

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"This book is excellent. I am on my second read. You have made so many observations that I found applied to me and I never realized it! I shall be buying your next book as soon as it hits the computer. Thank you for all the hard work in creating a valuable insight into our particular state of mind.”

“I have read your book Spanking the Male Mind and have thoroughly enjoyed it. I even printed it out on very nice glossy paper so I could really enjoy it. It made me realize what a daunting task you had in front of you - to make this lifestyle appeal to as broad a spectrum of women as possible, without the luxury of talking to each of them one on one. I think you put forth enough of a “buffet of ideas and concepts” that hopefully many of them will serve themselves a heaping plateful.”

“You did a great job in getting into the guys' heads as far as what we are thinking. On many occasions, as my wife read the passages I had highlighted she asked me - "You really think that?" To which I would reply "yes". I know I would not have had the courage to articulate what I was thinking had it not been in print. (Go figure!)”

“I want to thank you for taking the time to put together such a great book ! I know I felt like you had read me mind as I read many of the passages in the book. I gave Spanking the Male Mind to my wife as a way to open up a dialogue on the topic of spanking with her. I took your advice in the book, and highlighted all the thoughts and/or statements which applied to me before giving it to my wife – that really helped focus the discussions. Since giving the book to my wife we have engaged in two spanking sessions to date. Although they were very good for me, my wife felt very awkward, which brings me to my next question --- when does How To Spank Your Man come out!”

“You hit the psychology and the need correctly. I like the way you explain the complex mix of sex and discipline… this is better than the DWC site. After reading this first book, I’ve decided to wait until your second book is published, and then give them both to my wife together. It will be her choice as to whether to read one, both, or neither, but I think it would be best to have both available together.”

“My wife loved your first book, Spanking the Male Mind. She said, "She has a gift for explaining men's complicated desires and motivations into simple strait forward relationship ideas that make sense." Your preview certainly suggest this even more. Thanks!”“I have the highest regard for the book you have produced. Not having seen or purchased an e-book before I am very impressed. We're now buying your follow up."