POLL: The Wilder Report I (Where did this all come from?) continued ...

Yes, YOU! For those of you who arrived late, THE WILDER REPORT is an almost scientific study I created to discover the origins of this wonderful pastime. This may be the only study of it's kind ever attempted! You can find it in the Archives under September 2006.

I only have about 100 USABLE responses on it and I would love to have 200 or more.

Here's how you post;

CHOOSE the LETTERS from my opening post first,
then your GENDER & your AGE

Like so:

A, K, L
Male 56

Then write your personal comments here, if you like.

If you have not posted exactly like this - your post CANNOT be counted! If you realize that you did it wrong - you may go back and REPOST (copy and paste your incorrect post underneath your answers so I'll know which one you were.)

Now from my stats I happen to know for a fact that we have at least 500 people checking in here almost daily, and that's a low estimate. (Yup, this is a pretty popular blog!) My point being, I need more of you to participate.

The questionnaire is lots of fun and there are plenty of fascinating true accounts already entered into the thread. If you are reading this post then I want you to go to THE WILDER REPORT and follow the instructions TO THE LETTER! Understood?

I have to be stern on this ... this study, as informal as it is, is very important to me. And I'm sure you're just as curious as I am to find out how this all came about in our heads.

So go to September, scroll down, READ THE INSTRUCTIONS, pick your letters and start typing. Make sure you add your GENDER and AGE, too!