Q & A: What does a lady like to see or hear?

Hmm, what humiliating position
shall I put him in tonight?
frank b asked this;

He would "love to know what things a lady likes to see and hear from the man she spanks. Is there an attitude or position you find more erotic. Do you prefer the spankee to take the punishment silently or do you prefer the moans and cries. Is there a position you find more interesting. In short how do we men make it more tempting."

I've polled a great deal of women who spank men  on this very topic and this is what I've heard from them ...

What do you like to see and hear?

For some reason they really like for their naughty man to protest the spanking as much as he can and to be horrified at the prospect of having to go over her lap like a child and have his pants pulled down and his bare bottom exposed. The more he verbalizes how humiliating he finds it and how unacceptable that is for him, the hotter it is for many ladies. But he has to submit, not because of her brute strength, but because the alternative is something he simply can NOT live with.

In a scenario:
A favorite is the young man (high school senior or college freshman) who has committed some heinous act (drunk driving, peeping tom, stealing her undies) that he couldn't bear his parent's knowing. His only alternative is to follow the lady's every command and take his medicine as she sees fit, no matter how embarrassing it is for him.

In real-life:
For many women it would probably be that if he doesn't submit to a real punishment spanking for some really bad behavior she feels he's committed in their relationship, then he doesn't deserve a play spanking ever again. Since I recommend you never spank a man who hasn't expressed an interest in this past-time we must assume that the gent in question craves play spankings and it would be unthinkable for him to forfeit that out of his unwillingness to pay the price of his actions.

Many of the ladies have reported that they like to hear him protesting and whining and begging her to please stop. And if he get's snotty or rebellious about his spanking, that's a great reason to really light into him, which then makes him whine and beg. After a certain point, some women get aroused by hearing him moan and whimper because he's so turned on by the same very spanking. And even THAT embarrasses him.

Some women like a man to strip totally naked while others like to have the gent keep his shirt on because they like to have his butt framed by the material. It's seems even MORE naked and embarrassing to them somehow. When she tells him to, she really enjoys seeing him arch his back and present his butt high in the air for her, his sweet spot just for the taking. (some men think this means to stand his butt up higher with his legs, but it's really all about the arch as if someone slipped an ice-cube down his spine.)

Sometimes, a surprising amount of the ladies have admitted that like to see him present his butt and also open his legs wide so that he is totally exposed. They enjoy seeing his vulnerability.

Does that answer your question?

I always like to add to my research so,  I ask any of you ladies who are reading this, what do YOU like to see and hear? (I know that many of our readers ladies are a little shy about visiting a site or posting on a blog, so if you gents want to relay what the women who have spanked you have told you about aural and visual preferences ... go right ahead!)


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