How to Spank Your Man

How To Spank Your Man

The Smart Woman's Guide to Keeping Her Guy Happy

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How To Spank Your Man is the ultimate, fully illustrated, HANDS-ON (heh, heh) guidebook that finally teaches the vanilla woman exactly how to tan your behind but good!

It weighs in at 180 pages of pure know-how peppered with 125 fun & naughty illustrations. YUP - one hundred and twenty-five original drawings inked &colored by little ol' me!

And it’s written in a fun, mainstream style from my own unique take on this whole phenomena, chock-full of top ten lists, do’s & don’ts and humorous sidebars (just like any book a gal would buy at Barnes and Noble.) But, unlike a book at Barnes & Noble, How To Spank Your Man also has lots of hot role-play scenarios, serious scoldings and awfully embarrassing positions woven into it. Oh MY.

I know there are plenty of booklets out there on this subject, of the BDSM and Domestic Discipline persuasion, but, quite frankly, I have always felt they were a tad too fetishy to convince many of the vanilla-persuasion to give this pastime a "go". (Jeez, they turn ME off and you know I LOVE to turn a pale butt bright red. ) In my efforts to explain this to a traditional mindset, I have been scrupulous in my language and in the loving way I present the various aspects of spanking, leaving out some of the more kinky activities so as not to shock her.

I think that what my long-time readers enjoy is the very distinct down-to-earth niche I seem to have created in the f/m spanking realm that is all-inclusive and recognizes the sexual underpinnings of this whole darn pastime. Whether you crave erotic, fun, therapeutic, role-play and/or punishment spankings, all are presented here as wonderful additions to any caring relationship.

While the How To Spank Your Man’s stated purpose is to seduce the average woman into trying it with a truly open mind, we all know that you'll need to pore over it for your own, um, … edification (ahem). Even if you don’t have a romantic relationship going on at the moment I am SURE you will find it a hot read. And, just think, you’ll already have it on hand when that great gal walks into your life.

Chapters included ...

  • How does this fit into our LIFESTYLE?
  • WHEN do we do it?
  • WHERE do we do it?
  • How to ROLEPLAY!
  • What do we WEAR
  • What do we SAY?
  • POSITION is everything!
  • What do I spank him WITH?
  • SWATTING for Beginners!
  • What to do AFTER the SPANKING?

OUCH is right!

How To Spank Your Man basically contains everything I have learned about the honorable art of women spanking men and the fabulous benefits that come with it. That's why I feel it's my duty to share my formidable knowledge of this dear subject with ALL of womankind. My hope is that every woman who reads this will find her hidden inner spanker and every man who buys it will at last experience his secret desire!


Monica Wilder


This book is a classic. If ever a spanking book deserves to be mainstream, this is it. I can see it at Barnes and Nobles a year from now. The great thing about it is it's a delight for us spanking aficionados, but also completely accessible to the general public. Once and for all this takes spanking out of the brown paper back Times Square sex bookstore world. A milestone. And the art is glorious. It includes one of my favorite fantasies. A bossy woman is standing behind me, arms akimbo, while I'm in a T-shirt that goes down only to my waist, BARE below. Delicious."

“This is the finest book in the spanking genre I've ever read - packed with great information, always leavened by humor, and tons of great illustrations. (I didn't count 'em, but I'll take your word that there's 125 of 'em!)”

I just wanted to thank you for sending your latest book, How To Spank Your Man. Of course, I had to sit down and read it cover to cover (so to speak) right away. I loved it! I’m currently in the process of printing it out so that I can take it over to Kinko’s Copies. As soon as I have it printed and bound I will be presenting to my wife in hopes she will find inspiration within its covers. (Hopefully, the next time I send you an email on this topic, I will have to do it standing up!)"

“I just received my copy of How To Spank Your Man and it looks amazing to me. I can’t wait to pour over it! My wife and I have already begun to play with spanking a bit after reading your first book. I hope this one will help guide us further. Thanks again.”

“Many thanks for what has obviously been a labour of love. Love the illustrations!”

“I GOT IT! I have already browsed through it on the computer and I love it. I can't wait to print it in color on nice glossy paper and give it to me sweetie! You are the best!” 

“It’s a great read - I am really enjoying it. I also got your first book. My wife said something recently that made me think she might like to read one of these. I will keep you posted on what happens.” 

“I'd be hard-pressed to pick one favorite section of the How to Spank Your Man. But a favorite drawing - that's easy. It's the one that opens Chapter 10, and that also was previewed earlier here on the blog - a couple in amorous embrace, with the gentleman sporting a very red behind. Nothing better illustrates the intertwining of love and discipline.”