POLL: The Wilder Report I (Where did this all come from?) continued ...

Yes, YOU! For those of you who arrived late, THE WILDER REPORT is an almost scientific study I created to discover the origins of this wonderful pastime. This may be the only study of it's kind ever attempted! You can find it in the Archives under September 2006.

I only have about 100 USABLE responses on it and I would love to have 200 or more.

Here's how you post;

CHOOSE the LETTERS from my opening post first,
then your GENDER & your AGE

Like so:

A, K, L
Male 56

Then write your personal comments here, if you like.

If you have not posted exactly like this - your post CANNOT be counted! If you realize that you did it wrong - you may go back and REPOST (copy and paste your incorrect post underneath your answers so I'll know which one you were.)

Now from my stats I happen to know for a fact that we have at least 500 people checking in here almost daily, and that's a low estimate. (Yup, this is a pretty popular blog!) My point being, I need more of you to participate.

The questionnaire is lots of fun and there are plenty of fascinating true accounts already entered into the thread. If you are reading this post then I want you to go to THE WILDER REPORT and follow the instructions TO THE LETTER! Understood?

I have to be stern on this ... this study, as informal as it is, is very important to me. And I'm sure you're just as curious as I am to find out how this all came about in our heads.

So go to September, scroll down, READ THE INSTRUCTIONS, pick your letters and start typing. Make sure you add your GENDER and AGE, too!


  1. I, K, M, N, W
    Male 64

    All right, all right, since you asked so nicely. I didn't reply initially because polls don't usually cover all the bases.

    For me, as a child I wasn't spanked, and don't recall witnessing any spankings, but there were threats of spanking all around from mothers, mothers of friends, and teachers. Schoolmates talking about teachers who spanked (but it was always someone else, never from personal experience).

    I think that hearing about spanking without ever actually experiencing it as a youngster is what triggered my interest as an adult.

    Another interesting data point (sorry if it was there and I missed it) was when you actually did something about it and got a spanking. In my case, it was in my 50s, when I discovered (through the Internet, actually) that I didn't have to go to some sleazy hooker to get a spanking, and that I had enough money to pay a professional and get the job done right the first time.

  2. A,J,L,N,U,X,Z

    Male 44

    A-Dad spanked bare assed weekly. On fridays we would
    get it for all things we did wrong in the week

    J-Was tititilated seeing my older brother over Dad's knee
    bare assed and also somehow was titilated by knowing
    he was seeing me get it.

    L-In my junior year at a Jesuit high school I was spanked
    with pants around my ankles along with two buddies
    when we were caught drinking beer at a soccer match.

    N-U -Although I masturbated often recalling the feeling
    of being spanked it wasnt till I was almost thirty
    that I met a woman who suggested she spank me,
    Over a period of time it became more and more a
    part of our life. I married this woman.

    X- It has become a total turn on for me. I crave that
    calm that comes over me after I cross the pain

    Z- Spanking as part of my lifestyle has made me a
    better lover and a much better husband. Also
    being spanked in front of others i find very

  3. H, K, T, V, X
    male, 49

  4. E,J,K,T,X
    Male, 57

    Even in this age of the ubiquitous computer, I am not skilled at the simple task of copy and paste. My previous--incomplete--response appeared Sept 13, 2006, 11:49 AM under the name Anonymous, then signed jm. So the narrative response is with that entry.

    I repeat the letters here with gender and age, hoping that my two responses together are usable.

    May you be encouraged and productive in your work.


  5. Jon said...


    Miss you from your old group Miss Francy!

    I keep working with my reluctant wife!
    I also keep researching. Have a fellow Alumnus existential philosopher's link to a, "in progress" book synopsis on unified feild theory of spanking and all fetishes, interesting. I desired to be spanked by age 9. Sadly came out to wife age 46.

    1. 40's

    2. wife

    3. punishment

    4. inside

    5. yes

    6. obliging

    7. N/A

    8. N/A

    9. grown

    10. monthly

    11. many years later

    12. ashamed

    13. hand

    14. corner time, panty play, forced feminization, temp taking, prostate message

    15. real life, role play

    16. friends's mother, aunt, neighbor, mommy, girlfriend, wife

    17. child

    18. true offenses

    19. tears

    20. yes, please

    21. forced loss of emotion, catharsis

    22. soft, hard, varies

    23. feminine prim

    24. No, Yes, strange women only

    25. Risk exciting

    26. No

    27. on bed in diaper postion, OTK-scissor lock. OTK

    28. Yes, disappointed/ hurt feelings of my spanker

    29. seek spankers who enjoy spanking , wife must decide to allow this

    30. true psychological domination for real punishment, believeing I've fail the spanker/ disappointment/ hurt feelings. Desire loss of emotional control, real remores, contrition

  6. C F K L V X
    Male 62
    Aunt and neighbor first spankings
    Then Sent to CHS Spanked paddled strapped by religious Bros. And Nuns


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